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Course:  Megan, Manage My Mess

“I had a Megan, Manage My Mess consultation and a week later, following her advice, I sold 19 items in ONE DAY!! Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend Megan and the Posh Pro Project team.

~Jess, @GroovyVibesGirl (Poshmark Closet)


Course: Megan, Manage My Mess

“While I’d been reselling on Poshmark for over a year and built a solid following, I struggled with making consistent sales no matter what I tried. So I reached out to other Poshers for tips. They suggested share parties, so I spent countless hours joining every party, plus sharing other Posher’s items day and night (I felt like I was getting carpal tunnel). I even watched endless reseller YouTube videos trying to glean their tips for increasing sales. But no matter what I tried or how much time I spent, I never seemed to make much progress. It was all baby steps and everyone told me it just takes time. I was really close to giving up when I came across @poshpro_Megan with The Posh Pro Project. I purchased the “Megan, Manage My Mess” consultation. We had an in depth phone consult, Megan personally assessed my closet, then she sent me a comprehensive Closet Insight Report, including 5 quick and easy steps to jump starting Poshmark’s algorithm everyday.  And she taught me how to start treating my closet on Poshmark more like a real business. PLUS, her suggestions had me spending LESS time working not MORE. It was quick, simple and most importantly, I saw immediate results: From making consistent sales – I made my first 5 sales in the FIRST day after her assessment, to effortlessly growing followers from 29K to 36K (my biggest growth). So, whether you’re new to Poshmark or have been doing it for awhile and want to take your sales to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to @poshpro_megan and the Posh Pro Project. Megan did a great job and still checks in with me, shares my closet and clearly cares about my personal growth and success on Poshmark.

~Ingrida, @INASVYTIS (Poshmark closet)


Course: Jumpstart The Algorithm

Hi Megan, I couldn’t wait and completed the course last night 😊. I enrolled in the “Jumpstart the Algorithm”. Ive been on Poshmark since 2018, but I definitely learned some new tricks. I did notice a lot of activity last night after listing, sharing etc…and this morning I made a sale! Thanks for letting me know you have new courses coming up. Ill definitely check them out!

~Ana, @shopwith_ana (Poshmark closet)

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