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The Posh Pro Project is an educational series with in-depth instructions to successfully resell on Poshmark and other reseller platforms. Our programs go beyond the basics. Learn how to create the best closet, work through algorithms, how & where to shop, best brands and styles to sell, sales & business strategies, organization tricks, DIY/fix-it tutorials, how to get repeat customers, and more. In addition to reseller techniques, we also want to motivate women to be entrepreneurs as well as end the stigma of used clothing and fight fast fashion! Join us and become a pro reseller or just learn how to work resale into your own way of living.
posh pro project


poshmark basics

Basic Pro

Start reselling on Poshmark Today!


poshmark algorithm

Jumpstart The Algorithm

You have your Poshmark closet set up but you’re just not making sales. Learn how to work the Poshmark Algorithm!


poshmark tips

Shop For Success

Learn where to shop, how to find the right deals and what brands to buy. This is the ultimate go to for any reseller.


I couldn’t wait and completed the course last night 😊. I enrolled in the “Jumpstart the Algorithm”. Ive been on Poshmark since 2018, but I definitely learned some new tricks. I did notice a lot of activity last night after listing, sharing etc…and this morning I made a sale! Thanks for letting me know you have new courses coming up. Ill definitely check them out!




Start with our Basic Pro Course for Poshmark users, then move on to Jumpstart the Poshmark Algorithm, next take the Shop For Success course for all Resellers, then DIY to make your inventory look like new, and Reseller Business Strategies for full-timers.

We have something to offer at all levels of reselling!

Posh Pro Project About Us

A Look Inside the

posh pro project

We bring you step by step tutorials that keep you on top of the search results to resell your product, show you which brands actually sell, how to keep customers coming back and much, much more.

Free Tips
& Tricks

Watch our latest YouTube video and then subscribe to our channel. We upload videos weekly to bring you up-to-date tips on how to sell clothes on Poshmark and other reseller sites as well as DIY tricks to improve clothing and accessories blemishes. We also like to throw in some fun videos of us…..just being us. So don’t judge, just come have fun!

Rags To Resale Podcast

Megan Morris and Gemma Piscotti chat about all things RESALE. Overcoming challenges, how to succeed, being your own boss, where to sell, organization of inventory, what to buy, brands that sell, how to shop, how to make inventory look like new, fast fashion, eco fashion, sustainability…EVERYTHING! We will also have special guests such as other resellers, celebrities who thrift, vintage experts, famous poshers and more!


Ask us any question you like, tell us what you want to know more about, let us know if you need Megan to consult you on your Poshmark closet. Are you a business owner that would like to submit an interview to the Posh Pro Project to promote your business and knowledge to our community? Contact us today!

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